Sunday, April 20, 2008

Tornadic Mezocyclone

Yesterday a tornado has been observed in the western Romanian town of Curtici. Here we present the radar image, seen by the S band Doppler radar from Timisoara (situated south of the tornado place) operated by the Romanian met Service. The radar echo was that of a supercell. A mesocylone was detected in the radial velocity field (left side of the image), highlighted with the white circle. The meso was identified due to the relative maximum in the winds, one for the inbound velocities, in green colors, one for the outbout velocities, in yellow, as a consequence of rotational movement. The meso overlaied the southern part of the supercell, in the "inflow" region of it, characterized by the low echo zone, situated right near the "hook" in the reflectivity field. The tornado video was posted by Youtube:

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