Saturday, April 4, 2009

Education in Radar Meteorology

I am reading now a radar monography book, a collection of essays in honor of David Atlas. Leaving apart the joy of reading a book in nice format and good paper, it has some great overviews that really help understanding where we are in radar. My favourite is a paper on Some Educational Innovation in Radar Meteorology, by Steven Rutledge and V. Chandrasekar (I do not know why one is listed with the whole first name and the other only with initial, maybe because the very known name of the second author is simply, the great "Chandra").

Reading this paper a lot of ideas come into my mind to improve my training in radar. Is that kind of work that gives you real hints on what you can do, if you REALLY want to change something in good. "There is no replacement for direct experience when it comes to radar meteorological education" is one of the ... conclusions they start with after a survey among students. Of course there is a lot we can do via internet to simulate "hands on" experience.

I was thinking to bring a mobile radar during the pre-conference ERAD 2010 course in Sibiu, and organize few sessions of real experience.

I was thinking at the enthousiasm that is always coming out from the field work of radar people (in the image, Rita Roberts and Jim Wilson on high resolution refractivity (moisture) data), how they present their results "hot", just taken out from fresh fiels data, and how could I develop a serial sessions that could be held in different universities in Romania, a real radar on wheels from door to door.

Well, maybe if I buy a mobile radar for the met service and organize it, or if I buy my own radar and travel with it around... well, I do not drive, but I could arrange it with students that drive.
Well, look what a good paper can do !

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