Saturday, January 30, 2010

ERAD2010 - participants

The deadline for early registrations has come.
I wonder how much this event is impacting on my life. Well, I am addicted to it.

I look everyday, several times, at the list of people who registered. People I admire so much. I know their work, I know their passion. Some of them are my favourites, my models.

Some of them are new to me but "old" in the branch, I am so glad to discover them. Some of them are students. This edition is dedicated to them, to their courage to follow a scientist career in difficult times; and to women in radar science. If I could bring closer to 50-50 the percentage in gender participation, I could say I have accomplished one target.

I am going back now to contemplate again the list of great radar scientist people that will reach and enrich ERAD. I can not work too much these months for my own life, but I know that ERAD will bring something good to many people, and this is the most important reason to do things.

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